Poul Christoffersen

International Technology Broker


Poul Christoffersen is a Danish entrepreneurial strategist who has the ability to see market niches and value in new ideas. He has a disciplined approach to testing concepts and devising well-thought and measured approaches to bringing initiatives to the market. 

Early in his career, Poul served as a diplomat at the Royal Danish Embassy in Saudi Arabia, opening business opportunities for Danish companies.

After leaving the foreign service, Poul worked with several international companies in Denmark, introducing disruptive practices, before establishing the company that introduced vital new construction and engineering technology that was used on the 3.2 KM tunnel connected to the Öresund Bridge linking Sweden and Denmark. He subsequently played a senior executive role with Rolls Royce Marine, introducing new sales and customer relations approaches.

Paul is a mentor for university start-ups in Denmark, through the Venture Cup programme. Other recent work has focused on the use of cutting edge distance learning technology for teaching cross-cultural communications and negotiations skills.