Bob Brandow

International Debt Finance Executive


Bob Brandow has extensive experience in negotiating major financial deals in the United States and Asia during a distinguished career in banking and international finance at some of the world’s leading corporations.

Previous roles include Vice President of Continental Illinois Bank in Chicago (including three years as VP and senior representative in Indonesia); Vice President of Westpac Banking Corporation; Vice President and CFO of Lockheed Martin Finance Corporation; and – from 2001 to 2012 – Senior Director, Space and Defense for Boeing Capital Corporation, where Bob conducting successful negotiations in Asia, the US and Europe. Bob currently serves on the board of GBC International Bank in Los Angeles.

Bob has extensive experience speaking on finance issues in Asia, including lecturing on corporate governance, financial reporting and control at the Jakarta Stock Exchange on behalf of the Financial Services Volunteer Corps. He and his wife are active supporters of the World Monuments Fund, reflecting his commitment to the preservation and restoration of historic sites, including Angkor Wat in Cambodia, where he spends several months each year.

Bob graduated from Northwestern University (where he also obtained an MBA) and served in the Peace Corps in Liberia.