Tim Cullen Foreign Affairs – Brexit

Friday, August 19, 2016
May’s Brexit Plan
Strategies for Leaving the EU
Tim Cullen

TIM CULLEN is an Associate Fellow at the Saïd Business School at the University of
Oxford and Director of the Oxford Programme on Negotiation.

On August 3, 1914, the night before the start of World War I, the British foreign secretary,
Sir Edward Grey, famously remarked, “The lamps are going out all over Europe; we shall not
see them lit again in our lifetime.” In the immediate aftermath of the Brexit referendum, in which 52 percent of Britons voted to leave the European Union, many among the British electorate felt that the lights of economic integration had been extinguished and that dark times lay ahead for the United Kingdom. (more…)

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Tim Cullen Shenzhen speech 20 December 2016

Shenzhen General Chamber of Commerce

 China Shenzhen Entrepreneurs Convention

 20 December 2016

 How the Shenzhen spirit can counter the dangers posed by international mistrust

 Tim Cullen


I want to thank the Shenzhen General Chamber of Commerce for inviting me to speak at this spectacular event. I feel honoured to be in the company of so many people that embody the spirit of Shenzhen and who have contributed so much to this city’s success.

I am British, but I spent many years in the United States, including three years in Chicago, known as “The City of Broad Shoulders”, implying a toughness and a willingness to get things done. In my 20 or so visits here, I have always felt the same way about Shenzhen. Last night I looked again at the list of the ten superlatives of Shenzhen. I won’t list them all, but four jumped from the page:

  • China’s most open and inclusive city
  • China’s most web-savvy city
  • China’s liveliest city
  • China’s most efficient city

I am often struck by the exceptional speed with which China has modernised its infrastructure. Shenzhen epitomises this. As an example, that I like to tell my friends in Europe, it took Paris 116 years to build 214 Km of subway lines while Shenzhen built 286 Km in just 12 years! Amazing. (more…)

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Negotiating a Trade Deal

Brexit means the UK government will have to negotiate trade agreements with the EU and the rest of the world. Trade deal experts share their tips with presenter Evan Davis.

Guests include:

Janice Charette, Canadian High Commissioner to the UK
Tim Cullen, founder and director of Oxford Programme on Negotiation

Producer: Julie Ball.

Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b08bbcz6

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How to Negotiate

Most of us negotiate in some form or other every day – whether it’s about who walks the dog, how much screen-time the kids can have or when to visit the in-laws. But too often we treat it like a competitive sport, with only one aim: to win. Which can backfire, especially when you need co-operation later on. It’s much the same in business – negotiating to win at all costs is unlikely to result in a long-term, sustainable business relationship. So how to achieve a win-win situation when both sides leave satisfied and ready to do business with each other again? Evan Davis and guests explore the skills that can help settle disputes between individuals, companies and even nations. They’ll discuss when to walk away from the negotiating table and they’ll find out what happens when doing a deal is literally a matter of life and death.


Tim Cullen, Director, Oxford Programme on Negotiation, Said Business School

Bridie Warner-Adsetts, COO, Naylor Industries

Sue Williams, Hostage Negotiator

Producer: Sally Abrahams.

Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b07gh583

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